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and include the following templates and tools:

  • Organizational Tools: Evaluation Cover Page and Report Shell Creator

  • Evaluation Tools: Academic File Review, Dunn Rankin Preference Inventory, Gap Analysis, Kennedy Axis-V, Progress Monitoring, Recommendations Bank, Reevaluation Review,  Reversal Writing Sample, Social/Health/Dev Hx, Strengths/Vulnerabilities, Testing Observation, and Time Sample Observation

  • Cognitive/Processing: ChAMP, CAS-2, XBA, CTOPP-2, DAS-2, KABC-2 NU, RIAS-2, SB-5, TAPS-4, TOMAL-2, WISC-V, WAIS-IV, WPPSI-IV, WRAML-3, WJ-4, WJ-4 ECAD, WJ-4 OL

  • Achievement: FAR, GORT-5, KTEA-3, WIAT-3, WIAT-4, WRAT-5, WJ-4

  • Adaptive: ABAS-3, DAYC-2, DP-3/DP-4, and VABS-3

  • Behavior: BASC-3, BRIEF-2, CDI-2, CEFI, Conners Comprehensive, Conners-3, EDDT, MASC-2, SAED-3, TRAILS-X and Vanderbilt-2

  • Autism: ADOS-2, ASRS, GARS-3, and SCQ

  • Motor: BOT-2, PDMS-2, WRAVMA

  • Sensory Processing: SPM-2

  • Language: CELF-5

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